Episode 8: Firearm and Youth Violence in Canada

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We continue our look at firearm and violent injury in the youth population by examing the issue outside of the United States. Host Jason Woods MD gathered Canadian physicians Carolyn Snider and Natasha Saunders, both researchers on violent injury (and specifically firearm-related injury), to discuss the scope of violent youth injury in Canada, ED-based intervention programs, risk factors, and the rising rates of injury due to air guns and BB guns.


Carolyn Snider MD, MPH – Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Toronto, Staff Physician Winnipeg Health Sciences Center, founder of the Emergency Department Violent Injury Prevention program (EDVIP)

Natasha Saunders MD – Assitant Professor Department of Pediatrics University of Toronto, Staff Physician Hospital for Sick Children, Adjunct Scientist Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences


National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs – http://nnhvip.org/

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