Episode 17: Teeny Weeny Problems – Pediatric Urology

Emergency Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Urology

On this episode, host Jason Woods speaks with Dr. Tanya Davis, pediatric urologist and all around superstar, about common pediatric urology problems that present to the emergency department. The highlights:

  1. Testicular torsion is an emergency, and ultrasound should be performed when this is suspected. If the symptoms are highly suggestive call urology even with a normal ultrasound
  2. It is suggested that urology is contacted before performing any repair of a laceration that is more than superficial.
  3. Pediatric patients that develop epididymitis in the absence of sexual activity should be referred to urology, as this is unusual and may indicate an anatomic abnormality.
  4. Dr. Davis feels that any patient with complex urogenital anatomy, indwelling catheters, or a surgically created catheterizable tract should NOT have antibiotics started for UTI without contacting their primary urologist.


Tanya Davis MD, Clinical Instructor, Department of Urology, Children’s National Health System

Pediatric Urologist, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group

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